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Trusted cloud computing

for today’s medical practice

Now there’s a permanent cure for the computing problems plaguing medical practices.

With SecureMed’s private cloud, your applications and data always stay secure and available and your applications are always properly installed and up to date.

We host your data and applications on multiple servers — so if one fails, its performance starts to lag, or if more storage is required, additional resources come online automatically.

Backed by industry experts with 10+ years experience, this is a completely private cloud owned by SecureMed, accessible from anywhere.

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Holistic IT solutions for your medical practice


It would be very difficult, not to mention expensive, for any medical practice to match the security provided by SecureMed — whether you are talking about physical access to our data centres, virtual access via the Internet, loss of power to our facilities, or protection from physical disasters like fires and floods. Our private cloud is built from the ground up to ensure you can have confidence that your data and patients’ privacy are always protected.


You can’t be trusted if you’re not reliable.

That’s why we host your applications and data in multiple data centres in Australia and back up between these centres on a regular basis. Should disaster strike, we provide guaranteed failover so your medical practice can continue to operate with your data available and secure.

We also take steps within each data center — with redundant power and cooling, special construction, and other techniques — to ensure reliability.


As a cloud provider dedicated to the medical market, we take compliance very seriously. We fully comply with Australia’s 2014 privacy laws — such as by employing virtual private networks and 128-bit encryption of data both in storage and while in transit over the Internet.

We also own every part of our server infrastructure — with no part contracted to a third-party — so none of your data ever leaves Australian soil and full compliance is guaranteed end-to-end.


The best way to cut the complexity of running your own computing environment is to stop running your own computing environment.

Let SecureMed do it.

With SecureMed’s guaranteed uptime and 24/7 customer support you get all the benefits of an always-on, always up-to-date, always secure computing setup without managing one. Simply tell us the applications you want to run, the data you need to access, and the users you need to support — and it’s done!

Let SecureMed do it.

SecureMed offers guaranteed uptime and 24/7 customer support

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About us

SecureMed is a product of Envisage Technology, founded in 1998 by IT industry veteran, Ben Steel.

Envisage Technology has more than 15 years experience in the healthcare industry and more than six years working with leading vendors such as Genie Solutions and Best Practice.

The company’s mission is to deliver unmatched levels of quality and service with a consultative approach that educates the client on various issues and options every step of the way — thereby serving the client as a true partner in helping them grow and become successful. Envisage’s client-focused philosophy means that services will never be cookie-cutter but must always be tailored to each client’s particular needs, especially in the medical and healthcare markets where today we are seeing historic transformations in service delivery models, regulatory compliance, and financial reimbursement.

Private cloud hosting
Daily backups
24/7 customer support
Fully compliant
Guaranteed uptime
Multiple data centres in Australia
Simple to use

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